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My shack
My Antennas
Leicester skyline

This is a webcam that updates every 30 seconds and will show if my SCAM12 mast is currently raised or not.

I don't tend to raise the mast in high winds (over 25mph) due to the fact that it is unguyed. Sometimes I might raise 3-4 sections in moderate wind conditions. 

The mast is a Clark SCAM12 with a 2m 9ele Tonna beam and a 6 band Hexbeam above it. Both are ably turned by a SPID RAU rotator. A Clarke Shhh... compressor takes the strain out of raising the mast.

If you have heard me operating on 2-20m then every likelyhood is that the mast will be raised.


Live webcam of my mast



Here are my logbooks from QRZ.com.



My preferred route for QSL confirmations is eQSL.cc (AG), LOTW or HRDLOG.net but I will also accept direct postage or bureau cards.

My address for postage is:

Phil Taylor
104 Winstanley Drive
United Kingdom


Here are the locations of all stations that I have worked so far:

Station Map

meMy name is Phil Taylor and I have been interested in radio and electronics for over 30 years (I am 45 years old as of 2018).

My path to amateur radio is a logn a varied one. In 1987 I completed the course studying for what was then called the RAE (Radio Amateur Examination) and being a cocky youth, thought that I didn't need to revise for the licensing conditions part of the examination.

Of course I failed the licensing conditions section (although I passed the 'technical' section) and never bothered to re-sit the exam!

Fast forward 27 years and I decided to attend a course at my local club the Leicester Radio Society in order to achieve my Foundation License, which I completed in September 2014. I then completed the Intermediate course/examination at the same venue in December 2015 and the Advanced (Full) exam in August 2016. 

While attending the foundation course and being confident that I would pass (still cocky but not so much of a youth anymore) I splashed-out on an Icom IC-7100 and various other bits and pieces.

I have since purchased numerous other handhelds, antennas and transceivers, including a FlexRadio 6500 SDR and Maestro controller which are pretty amazing and in 2018 an Icom 7610. Although I like the Icom, I think that i still prefer the flexibility of the 6500.

Since the purchase of a 2009 Nissan Patrol (fitted with a 9.6m Clark pheumatic mast) I have become interested in /p (portable) operation. I now take part is as many of the VHF and above contests as I can.

I hope to chronicle my journey from this day forward but that depends on whether I find the time. Who knows, this may be the last ever post!

73 Phil