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meMy name is Phil Taylor and I have been interested in radio and electronics for over 30 years (I am currently 42 years old).

The reason why I hold an Intermediate Amateur License and not a Full License is that in 1987 I completed the course studying for what was then called the RAE (Radio Amateur Examination) and being a cocky youth, thought that I didn't need to revise for the licensing conditions part of the examination.

Of course I failed the licensing conditions section (although I passed the 'technical' section) and never bothered to re-sit the exam!

Fast forward 27 years and I decided to attend a course at my local club the Leicester Radio Society in order to achieve my Foundation License, which I completed in September 2014. I then completed the Intermediate course/examination at the same venue in December 2015.

While attending the foundation course and being confident that I would pass (still cocky but not so much of a youth anymore) I splashed-out on an Icom IC-7100 and various other bits and pieces.

I have since purchased numerous other handhelds, antennas and transceivers. The latest being a FlexRadio 6500 SDR and Maestro controller which are pretty amazing! 

I hope to chronicle my journey from this day forward but that depends on whether I find the time. Who knows, this may be the last ever post!

73 Phil